Values and Principles

Boyden Russia Unique Value Proposition

Our Values and Principles


“We believe that ambitions lead us to dreams, and we strive to become the best version of ourselves for our clients.”  Dina Akimova, Managing Partner, Boyden Russia


“We believe that responsibility is the basis of strong reputation, so we keep our word and do not make unrealistic promises to both clients and colleagues.”  Maria Lukyanchikova, Principal, Boyden Russia


“We believe that teamwork creates a foundation for inspiration and development and leads to better results for us and our clients.”  Pavel Plaksin, Managing Partner, Boyden Russia


“We recognize that people are different and we see their value in this. We hear and strive to understand the motives and desires of our clients and our colleagues. "  Natalia Krasnoperova, Managing Partner, Boyden Russia


"We build trust with our clients and within our team because we know that trust is pivotal for productive interaction."  Anastasia Malakhova, Principal, Boyden Russia

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